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DIY Wipes for your Family & Home

When my oldest son was born, we noticed that he was very sensitive to store bought wipes. We tried a few different brands but without success. He would constantly get rashes and diaper rash cream was our savior! However, it didn’t sit well with us that we always had to put diaper rash cream on his bum to keep the rashes at bay. So, we did two things — we switched to cloth diapers and I started making my own homemade baby wipes. As soon as we made the switch, the rashes went away! Not only did the rashes go away, but it made us feel good that we were using wipes that were non-toxic and gentle. (Not to mention they saved us so much money!)

These wipes are so easy to make that I used them consistently throughout my older son’s diaper days – and I still make them to this day almost 4 years later!
Here is how to make your own DIY Wipes for your family:

Items you will need

1. Tupperware container with lid (must be big enough to fit a paper towel roll snuggly inside)

2. 1 roll of paper towel (a quality brand of paper towel – cheaper brands will rip easily)

3. Non-serrated kitchen knife

4. 2 cup measuring cup (or bowl that can hold 2 cups of water)

5. Dr. Bronner’s Non-Scented Castile Soap

6. Lavender Essential Oil (*optional) – get it HERE

Making the Wipes

Step One

20180718_175832Lay the paper towel roll on its side. Using the kitchen knife, cut the paper towel roll into thirds. This will give you three separate paper towels that will become your wipes. Don’t worry about making them exactly the same size (as long as they are relatively close in size and fit into your Tupperware container with the lid on, you are good to go). Place one of the paper towels into the Tupperware container. (It is a good idea to put the cut edge facing downwards if possible.) Store the other two thirds away for the next time you need to make wipes.

Step Two

20180718_180612Fill up your measuring cup (or bowl) with 2 cups of hot water. You can also boil 2 cups of water on the stove if you would like the water to be sterilized. Now take the bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap and squirt a little bit of soap into the water. You do not need to put a lot of this soap into the water – a little will go a long way. You can experiment with how much soap you like to use (I like the wipes to not be too soapy). Take a spoon and mix the soap and the water together.

Step Three

20180718_180535Take the 2 cups of the water/soap mixture and pour it over the paper towel that is in the Tupperware container. You may want to do this in a sink just in case you spill a little. Then you just pop on the lid, and you are done! Wait a while for the wipes to cool down before you use them for the first time. When you go to use them for the first time, you simply grab the wet cardboard tube in the middle of the paper towel and pull it out. When you do this, it will pull out the first layer of wipes and start the roll of wipes for you! Now you are ready to clean your child with safe, gentle, and non-toxic wipes! Enjoy!

Adding an Essential Oil

20180718_180133If you would like, you can add a drop of Lavender essential oil to your wipes. In order to do this, you need to squirt a little bit of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap into the bottom of the measuring cup. Then carefully drop ONE drop of Lavender essential oil into the soap. Take a spoon and mix the soap and oil together. Now you take your hot water and pour it over the soap/oil mixture and fill it up to the 2 cup line. The reason you need to do this step this way is because you want the Lavender oil to mix with the castile soap. If you mix the soap and water together and then add the oil at the end, the oil will just float on top since oil and water do not mix. Conduct the rest of the steps the same way.

Where Do You Get Your Oils?

Our family uses Young Living Essential Oils – their Lavender essential oil is gentle and smells wonderful. Young Living is one of the best in the oil market. All of their oils are pure and therapeutic grade – no fillers, no additives, just oils. This is why I have chosen to use Young Living essential oils in our home. Always do your research in order to choose a company that provides pure and therapeutic-grade essential oils.



There are so many benefits to using essential oils, especially Lavender. It will not only make the baby wipes smell divine but can help you or your child soothe and relax before bedtime.

In order to purchase Lavender Essential Oil – click HERE.


Want to purchase more than Lavender oil? Become a Young Living member and get your beginner’s box which gives you a diffuser, 11 essential oils, and more goodies.


You also get 24% off of all of your purchases once you are a member. That makes a huge difference. For example, the Lavender oil goes from $40.13 CAD (retail) to $30.50 CAD (wholesale/member).

To get your hands on a kit – click HERE. 




Send me a message if you have any questions about signing up or about essential oils and how to get started using them in your home!

Lastly, always consult your family doctor before using essential oils on children. It is important to always use essential oils properly and safely by following the usage guidelines.

There you have it!

These homemade wipes are so easy to make and will give you peace of mind knowing you are using a gentle, non-toxic product on yourself or your family members. Let me know how they work for you!


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