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Parenting is Strange

Raising two children, especially two boys, has been the biggest challenge and gift in my life so far.

I have aged 100 years, but they keep me young at heart.

Their scrapes and booboos make me sad, but they have grown my knowledge on how to handle it.

Their bickering and fights drive me crazy, but they demonstrate how to forgive as they easily make up with a quick hug.

They wake me up early in the morning, but give me a great reason to rise and shine.

Their mess seems neverending, but they teach me to let things go and enjoy the moment.

Their voices are so LOUD, but they show me the fun in reckless abandon.

They tire me out with their wrestling, but show me that doing things you haven’t done before can be fun.

This whole parenting thing is very weird. It is equally exhilarating and exhausting! But I am along for the ride and excited to see where it takes me next.


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