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My Lighthouse

Hi there!

My name is Lisa and I live a very happy life in Toronto with my husband, two young sons, and lovable dog. I have created this blog to share my experiences as a woman, wife and mom doing her best to live a positive, light-filled life. I am on a mission to spread a little positivity through sharing laughter, joy, and funny family experiences. It is also my mission to share my trials and challenges with uplifting areas of my life that could be a little lighter! (I am by no means perfect.) There is positivity in sharing life’s struggles too – we need more “real life” in our social media!

Lisa and Mario (49)There is a lot of hard stuff in the world, and I hope that sharing my real-life experiences can give people a lift. Life isn’t easy and I think it is important to share the ups and downs, and the good and the messy. I hope you’ll join me in sharing in the good – and find comfort in the challenges that we all face as we go through life!

Why a lighthouse?

The lighthouse is a guiding light that shows the way for others. My hope is that my blog will be a place of inspiration for other women, mothers, wives, and families. By sharing what I do to live a positive life, and the changes I am making to make my life lighter, I can help others who want to lighten the load in their lives. The lighthouse is also beacon of light shining out into the darkness. Hopefully my blog will be a source of fun and happiness that others can enjoy!

So, this is my little lighthouse. Pull up a seat, grab a coffee or tea, and read along as I venture through the trials and triumphs of living a lighter, brighter life.




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