Decluttering Our Home

After a few years of living through the “haze” that comes with raising young children, I have taken a look around and realized our house could use some lightening! This means decluttering and using less.

We live in a generously sized 2-bedroom apartment that my husband and I moved into well before we were married. We didn’t think we would live here long, but we’ve been here for almost 10 years! While raising two kids here has its challenges, we love our cozy home together. It isn’t what we want for the long run, but it’s what the universe has provided for us right now – and we’re going to make it work!

adorable-bears-child-357309Over the past few years it has become harder to organize and maintain our lives in a smaller space. Also, raising the boys has taken a lot of our spare time, and many things have fallen by the wayside. It is time for us to freshen up our space – and reorganize! We have already decluttered a lot of “things” we have accumulated over the years and it feels SO good. We are also trying to choose safe products and use less products in general. A lot of the products we have accumulated just add to our clutter!

So far we have cleaned up and organized our balcony and living room, and there is still more work to do. Stay tuned – I’ll go into more details about what we have done so far to make our space more enjoyable in subsequent posts. If you are going through your own decluttering at home, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your story and any tips or tricks you may have.


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